Web Designing

With this high-tech world where technology changes every day the website is a basic need for the business. At IT Agents Road, you will find experienced designers who help in building today’s modern look websites that too feasible with all kinds and specifications.

Types of Websites:



Static websites are HTML based where every single change is done manually. Moreover, the website will need a complete assistance from A-to-Z by the designer. If the client is not having a frequent need of changing the information and images present on the website, this kind of websites are feasible. If not, then the client should prefer designing the website in other platforms like WordPress, Laravel, Codeigniter, PHP and more.

A static website is required by the company if it is only to provide the information about the business and show the existence in the market. It costs less and provides a technical knowledge-free website.


Dynamic websites are user friendly and are commonly designed to get a frequent change on the website. Mostly websites with online products sale, Cart system (made with WooCommerce) and user account and transaction part also includes in the dynamic websites where every now and then the users are coming to login the website. The Administrator takes up the control of managing the day-to-day activities on the website. Cost of the dynamic website depends on the modules used on the website and cannot be judged without proper understanding of the required modules on the website.